Non-Ferrous Metals, Inc produces bullet alloys that are homogeneous, ensuring a consistent and reliable alloy.  Our high-purity batches start with high-putity raw material alloying, cast  into bars and ingots to provide customers with high qualiy metal. Whether you are a recreational shooter or are in serious competition, our bullet-metal alloys will fill your needs.  Metal alloys produced from Non-Ferrous Metals Inc. have won world championships.

bullets 1

30/1 in Chop Bar

babbitt chop bar 2

Pure Lead10000
Pure Tin01000
Pure Antimony00100

Material selection for a mechanical or structural application requires some important considerations, including how easily the material can be shaped into a finished part and how its properties can be either intentionally or inadvertently altered in the process. Depending on the end use, metals can be simply cast into the finished part, or cast into an intermediate form, such as an ingot, then worked, or wrought, by rolling, forging, extruding, or other deformation process. Although the same operations are used with ferrous as well as nonferrous metals and alloys, the reaction of nonferrous metals to these forming processes is often more severe. Consequently, properties may differ considerably between the cast and wrought forms of the same metal or alloy.